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5 Reasons You Should Have Your Clothes Tailored

Tailoring is the art (and science!) of altering clothes to fit a particular body. Clothing that is commonly tailored includes professional wear, trans-seasonal (garments made to last through several seasons), occasion pieces (wedding, prom, quinceañera), pant hems, skirt lengths, and jeans.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have tailoring done:

  1. Tailoring helps clothes look and feel better. Garments bought "off the rack" are made to sort of fit a variety of body types. Tailoring can make them fit you perfectly.
  2. Tailoring is an inexpensive way to refresh your wardrobe. Do you have a garment that you loved when you bought it, but it doesn't quite fit right, so it just sits in your closet? Grab it out and take it to a tailor.
  3. Tailoring can help clothes last longer. Tailors can't fix everything but broken zippers, tears in seams, and other issues can be repaired.
  4. Tailoring contributes to a sustainable wardrobe. The most sustainable clothing is the garments you already own. If you tailor them to fit, you'll probably wear them more often and for longer.
  5. Tailoring complements your body. For people who are plus-size, and/or trans, or any of the myriad other situations that the mainstream fashion industry doesn't design for, tailoring is an easy way to feel better in the clothes that you want to wear. Pants too short? Shirt to baggy in the upper body? Tailoring can fix it.

If you're ready to have something tailored, mended, or upcycled, schedule an appointment with us. If you have questions about tailoring, getting measured, or anything else related to clothing fit, contact us

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