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Why pre-orders and made-to-order?

The fashion industry is extremely wasteful and produces way more clothing than can be sold. By only making what we sell, we are not contributing to that waste, and our clothes won't end up in landfills. It is a slower way of producing clothes that doesn't harm the planet.

What does it mean when it says "ethically sourced" or "ethically made"?

There are lots of ways to be sustainable in the fashion industry. We decided to focus on people first, so we ensure that all of our factories and suppliers pay a living wage and provide a safe working environment for their employees. We also use renewable, recyclable, or deadstock (leftover) fabric whenver we can. As we grow and learn, we are committed to implementing new ways to be sustainable, and care for people and the planet.

What does gender-affirming mean?

According to Trans Hub, "Gender affirmation is an umbrella term for the range of actions and possibilities involved in living, surviving, and thriving as our authentic gendered selves."

The term is often used regarding healthcare: it refers "to behaviors or interventions that affirm a transgender person's gender identity" (Johns Hopkins).

We use it to describe our fashion, including our tailoring and styling services. It means that we encourage anyone to wear our clothes and to do what makes them feel joyful and comfortable about their gender expression. We also encourage clients to come to us to have clothes they want to wear altered to fit their body.

I've never had anything tailored before. How can I find out more information?

You can contact us through the website, email us at info@domandbomb.com, call us at (509) 241-8101, or set up a free appointment to come in and talk to us and ask any questions you want. We often work with clients who are having something altered for the first time.

How did you develop your size chart?

We used real people to develop our size chart. We sent out a call for fit models at the very beginning of our journey, and the response was overwhelming! We had so many people sign up to give us measurements and try on our sample clothes to get the fit just right. We also analyzed national data and reviewed hundreds of other size charts to make sure we were doing it better.

Will you have more sizes than 5XL-XS?

Yes! We plan to expand our size range as soon as we can. One of our core values is to listen to our customers and create a space for them to tell us about their bodies. The more we learn about additional sizes, including fitting and measurements, the more we can include them.

If you are in the Spokane, WA, area and want to be a fit model, sign up on the website.

What other styles are you working on?

Pants! We've experienced ourselves and heard from dozens of people that pants shopping is painfully frustrating. We also have dresses, more shirts and skirts, accessories, jackets, and cardigans in the works. Our goal is to create pieces that will last and can be styled multiple ways.