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Announcing our partnership with Spectrum Center!

We are super excited to share that we have partnered with Spectrum Center Spokane to offer our services through their Gender Affirming Products Program (GAPP). Spectrum is an intersectional and intergenerational LGBTQIA2S+ organization with the mission to to create a safe, intersectional, intergenerational, LGBTQIA2S+ community gathering space that celebrates a resilient, healthy community through social connectedness and support, arts and culture, access to resources, and leadership development. 

Spectrum's GAPP is a no-barrier program that connects trans and gender nonconforming individuals with products that support them in expressing their gender identity. Through the program, individuals can get our clothing, styling, tailoring, and workshops at no cost.

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How did the partnership come about? Roo Ramos (They/Them), Spectrum's Executive Director, came into check us out and be a fit model, and we all knew immediately that we should partner because we share the same vision and celebration of queer joy.


In addition to clothing, styling, and tailoring, we're developing workshops on a variety of fashion-related topics, including how to take your own body measurements, how to alter your clothing to fit your gender, and where to shop. 

Have an idea for a workshop? Let us know!

Current GAPP participants can select our services now, and Spectrum will start taking new GAPP participants soon. We'll offer workshops throughout the year - more info coming soon.

Make sure to sign up for email to get the latest updates. We're just getting started.

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