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Exclusive look: Photoshoot behind-the-scenes

When we first started talking about our brand, we knew we wanted to create a safe and fun space for our communities. And, we set out to make that experience a reality in everything we do, including our photoshoots. So far, we've had a blast and met the most amazing models. Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a couple of our recent photoshoots.

Cover image models (left to right): Andrea Parrish, Sadie Baker, Ryan Irons, and Aubrey Gendreau.

All behind-the-scenes shots by Lisa Harris.

Wide shot of outdoor photoshoot. Andrea is in front of a vintage maroon Cadillac. The photographer and multiple helpers are surrounding the car.

For this outdoor shoot, we only had a couple of hours of sun light, so we had to work fast. The light is deceiving though - the breeze was super chilly, but our models powered through by wearing coats between shots.

Co-founder Delena hamming it up for the camera, while the photographer and others work on the shots to the left.

Can't work all the time, right? dom poses for the camera.

Delena smiling next to a full shot of the vintage maroon Cadillac.

We had dom's gorgeous Cadillac to work with on this shoot.

Wide shot of indoor photoshoot. Aubrey is being photographed while multiple models and staff observe.

For the next shoot, we moved indoors and added more models.

Model Andrea poses for the camera

Our models are all gorgeous, and Andrea is no exception.

Model Sadie poses for the camera in all pink.

How cute is our model Sadie? We adore this shot.

Three models - Kiki, Sadie, and Ryan smile for the camera

Monochrome beauties - Kiki White, Sadie Baker, and Ryan Irons.

We're already planning more shoots with new locations and additional models. Stay tuned!



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