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Fashion GOALS: Queen Sono’s Closet

Queen Sono is a South African crime/spy drama series created by Kagiso Lediga and starring the talented and stunning Pearl Thusi. The series, currently on Netlflix, follows the titular hero as she navigates being a top spy for a South African agency and a complicated personal life. While we could talk extensively about the acting, writing, directing, cinematography, and cultural and political significance (all excellent and important) of the series, we’re going to focus on the fashion.

The first episode opens with Queen in Zanzibar, clearly just out for a simple beach-side stroll.

Queen Sono on the beach wearing a large sun hat


She stops and talks with locals, and occasionally, Fred (Loyisa Madinga), her partner/tech expert. Her goal is to get close enough to the target’s cell phone for Fred to steal the data. He tells her something that we will learn is not the first time: this is just reconnaissance. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Of course, nothing goes according to plan, and she has to use “manual labor.” A thrilling chase through the streets of Zanzibar and that hat coming in handy, Queen is back at the office dressed for a day at the spy agency.

Over the course of the first episode, we learn that Queen has a complicated relationship with her therapist/friend, her activist mother was murdered in front of her when she was little, and her family knows nothing about her career.

In every scene, hair, makeup, and dress are perfection. Everything combines to convey a very specific message. Since Queen is a master spy and has to get herself in and out of complicated situations, this message changes constantly.

In the second episode, Queen must again gather info, and once again she’s told to keep a low profile. At this point, we know that just isn’t gonna happen

Especially in THIS DRESS.

Let’s break this dress down. Obviously it’s stunning (so stunning that we had to go back and watch that stair walk a couple of times), but there’s a practical side too. Just two episodes in, and we know she’s probably going to have to kick some ass at this party (which she does). 

Queen Sono in a berry colored dress drinking champagne

The nude shoulder strap and buttons in the back give this dress the support she’ll need to do her job. We love a good form AND function piece.

Close up of back of Queen's dress. It's nude fabric with button closure in the middle of her back.

The rest of the episode is Queen breaking down the information she started to gather at the party with the help of Fred and more insight into her personal life, including an entertaining paint ball scene.

While we said we weren’t going to go in-depth about the cultural and political significance, we have to mention that the series does an excellent job of addressing colonialism and not portraying Africa as a homogenized group.

While Queen Sono was renewed for a second season, Netlix recently announced they won’t be continuing. Sadly, it seems to be another casualty of the pandemic.

Don’t let that stop you from watching this season. Check out the trailer here.

d+b rating: GIMME MORE (although Netflix gets a Fuck This for canceling)

Queen Sono's partner in his tech headquarters. Text reads: how do I look? Blazing.


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