Launch Press Release


Spokane, WA: dom+bomb, a black-woman and LGBTQIA2S+ owned fashion brand recently launched their size- and gender-inclusive collection in Spokane. The company designs their own clothing and focuses on well fitting, long-lasting garments in sizes 32-0 (5XL-XS) that are ethically produced. They also offer tailoring, mending, upcycling, and personal styling services through their website at, with plans to open their first boutique later this year.

Most fashion brands only offer "straight sizes" going up to traditional women's sizes 16 or 18. Even plus-size only brands are limited, with few going past size 24 (or 3x). If a brand does carry plus-sizes, it usually doesn't carry smaller sizes too. And, the fashion industry reflects society as a whole: it is highly gendered with dangerous consequences for those who break through the gender binary.

With the ongoing climate crisis, and the assault on LGBTQIA2S+ and reproductive rights, it’s never been a better time to lead the way with a different approach to retail. According to CEO Delena Mobley, “we’re building community through fashion, and we’re a soft place for people to land who have struggled to build self-confidence. We want everyone to step away feeling like the star of their own show.”

It's a tough time to be a human being, especially if you are a higher weight, BIPOC, gender nonconforming, or any combination of the three. According to Chief Brand Officer Kim Blessing, “we have experienced ourselves and heard from countless others about the bullying, lack of fashionable clothing available, and the boxes we put ourselves in daily just to be accepted. We help our customers break free of those boxes.”

dom+bomb’s mission is to help heal people and protect the planet through fashion. The company is the first of its kind in Spokane in many ways: first Black-woman and queer-woman owned sustainable fashion brand, first to offer original size- and gender-inclusive clothing, and the first gender-affirming tailor. As rooted members of the Spokane community, the company's founders collaborate with local artists, use sustainable fabrics, and produce in factories that respect workers’ rights.

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