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Half Binder - Sizes 6XL-XS

Half Binder - Sizes 6XL-XS

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We've partnered with Gender Bender, LLC to offer binders in sizes 6XL-XS. If you live in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho, you can apply to get a binder for free through Spectrum Center's Gender Affirming Products Program (GAPP).

  • Handmade in Los Angeles, CA
  • Compression knit with antimicrobial and moisture management treatments
  • Strong seams, clean finishes, and no rough areas or tags to scratch or irritate the skin
  • Two layers of fabric in the front work to compress and softly flatten the chest without making it hard to breathe
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Size Chart (inches)

6XL: Chest 47-50"; Bust 55-60"

5XL: Chest 44-47"; Bust 51-56"

4XL: Chest 41-44"; Bust 47-52"

3XL: Chest 39-41"; Bust 44-48"

2XL: Chest 37-39"; Bust 41-45"

XL: Chest 35-37"; Bust 38-42"

L: Chest 33-35"; Bust 35-29"

M: Chest 31-33"; Bust 32-36"

S: Chest 29-31"; Bust 30-33"

XS: Chest 27-29"; Bust 28-31"

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