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Graphic Crewneck Gold Foil Tee - I Am The Room - Sizes 5XL-XS

Graphic Crewneck Gold Foil Tee - I Am The Room - Sizes 5XL-XS

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You know that room you've always wanted to be invited in to? You don't need to be invited because YOU ARE THE ROOM. This shirt is all about feeling confident enough to be the person you want to be in the world.

In our ongoing effort to support other Black and/or LGBTQIA2S+ creators and small businesses, we used the font format 1452 created by type designer Frank Adebiaye. The tee is printed by Top 5 Percent, a Black- and veteran-owned small business located in Joliet, IL.

  • Sizes 5XL-XS
  • 100% cotton
  • Stretch level: medium
  • Turn inside out and wash on cold with the gentle cycle and mild detergent. Dry on normal setting. Do not dry clean or bleach. Do not iron over image.
  • Limited quantities available. 

Size Chart

 Size Length Chest
5XL 35 62-65
4XL 34 58-61
3XL 33 54-57
2XL 32 50-53
XL 31 46-49
L 30 42-45
M 29 38-41
S 28 34-37
XS 27 31-34
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