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Zip Binder - Sizes 6XL-XS

Zip Binder - Sizes 6XL-XS

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We've partnered with Gender Bender, LLC to offer zip binders in sizes 6XL-XS. If you live in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho, you can apply to get a binder for free through Spectrum Center's Gender Affirming Products Program (GAPP).

  • Handmade in Los Angeles, CA
  • Compression knit with antimicrobial and moisture management treatments
  • Strong seams, clean finishes, and no rough areas or tags to scratch or irritate the skin
  •  Two layers of fabric in the front work to compress and softly flatten the chest without making it hard to breathe
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Size Chart (inches)

6XL: Chest 47-50"; Bust 55-60"

5XL: Chest 44-47"; Bust 51-56"

4XL: Chest 41-44"; Bust 47-52"

3XL: Chest 39-41"; Bust 44-48"

2XL: Chest 37-39"; Bust 41-45"

XL: Chest 35-37"; Bust 38-42"

L: Chest 33-35"; Bust 35-29"

M: Chest 31-33"; Bust 32-36"

S: Chest 29-31"; Bust 30-33"

XS: Chest 27-29"; Bust 28-31"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A Great Idea, Poorly Executed

The Good:
- I love the idea of the lower neck (I love my GC2B binders, but they're hard to hide under a lot of shirts)
- I was SO excited to find a zip-front binder for those days when my shoulders just aren't up to clawing into and out of a pull-on binder!
- I really liked the extra space in the arm holes!

The Unfortunate:
Unfortunately, all of the good things about this binder are also the bad things.

- The lower neck means not a lot of upper-boob compression (with most binders, you generally pull the meat up and to the sides -- that's not an option here). In fact, I ended up with more of a corset-y, bubble-boob look in this than a true binder flattening! I'm a solid B cup, so it's not like I'm overflowing, either!

First off, there's no keeper or security hook on the zipper, meaning that if it unzips, there's nothing holding the whole thing together! Definitely made me paranoid when I was out and about! Especially because the zipper was ... slippery to begin with. I ended up having to spray it with hairspray to add a little extra "hold" to prevent it from unzipping itself!

On a future version, it would be better to have the zipper run the other direction (top to bottom), so that gravity could help it stay in place. And please, please, PLEASE add a security hook (or two!) to a) make it easier to zip in the first place and b) give me some peace of mind!

Also, the zipper hardware ends up really digging into your stomach-meat when you sit down. I don't have a large tummy pooch, but I do slouch. I can imagine if you also had upward pressure from your gut, this would be even MORE uncomfortable!

- Extra roominess in the arm holes comes at the expense of longer shoulder straps, which end up making this binder fit a little weird. Honestly, it bound my lower ribs more than my boobs (this is also a factor of the lower neck).

Overall, I loved the idea, but I wore this for half a night out, then had to run into the bathroom to change into a sports bra instead because it was just too uncomfy and stress-inducing to keep checking the zipper every few minutes to zip it back up!

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